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Massage Modalities

Sports Massage

When the demand for performance is high, pre- and post- performance massages are highly recommended for the active weekend player or the competitive athlete during training or rehabilitation.

  • 60 Min. - $49
  • 90 Min. - $74
  • 120 Min. - $98

Swedish Massage

With the use of oil directly on the skin, the Swedish massage, also known as the "circulatory massage", is a therapeutic and revitalizing style of bodywork and can be applied with lighter pressure or a deep penetrating movement. This popular massage helps reduce pain, increase joint mobility and improve circulation for healthier-toned skin and muscles.

  • 60 Min. - $49
  • 90 Min. - $74
  • 120 Min. - $98

Four-hands Massage

Two therapists working in tandem make you feel as if you are completely enveloped in sensation. Four-hands massage involves stretching and muscle compression that are impossible to achieve by a single therapist.

  • 60 Min. - $98
  • 90 Min. - $148
  • 120 Min. - $196

Deep Tissue Massage

Applied with slow, deep and gradual compressions, this massage relieves muscular aches and reduces inflammation-related pain caused by physical stress or injury.

  • 60 Min. - $49
  • 90 Min. - $74
  • 120 Min. - $98


By gripping parallel bars attached to the ceiling above the massage table, your therapist uses barefoot massage techniques to relax the nervous system while stretching and elongating tight muscles. This highly specialized treatment is found in very few spas because of the extensive training required.

  • 90 Min. - $89

Thai Massage

On an oversized table, the therapist applies unique forms of pressure using thumbs, elbows, palms, forearms, feet and knees. The rocking, rhythmic muscle compression and stretching, sometimes described as assisted yoga, bring the mind and spirit into a rare state of balance and harmony. Special garments are provided.

  • 60 Min. - $69
  • 90 Min. - $89
  • 120 Min. - $138

Couples Massage

Our private couples suite offers the perfect romantic date for any couple, but it's also a wonderful experience for friends, sisters, mother/daughter pairs—any two people who want to relax together in a quiet, rejuvenating environment.

  • 60 Min. - $49 per person
  • 90 Min. - $74 per person
  • 120 Min. - $98 per person

Hot Stone Massage

Massage oil and heated stones are the instruments your therapist will use to enhance the Swedish massage strokes, melting away tension and replenishing your body's youthful spirit as heat penetrates deep into your muscles.

  • 90 Min. - $98

Additional Massage Modalities

  • Foot Reflexology
  • Acupressure
  • Pregnancy Massage


  • Shiatsu (Japanese Acupressure)
  • Tui Na Massage
  • Craniosacral Therapy